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Chinese Mandarin Language and Cultural Center

Dr. Cai is offering Chinese Mandarin language classes and cultural seminars at Mountain Palace. Participants will learn from a native instructor who can also share remarkable cultural insights including such areas as Chinese traditional medicine. Students will receive a free membership on the fledgling intercultural web site where they can connect with Chinese and Americans with similar interests. Sessions are being planned for Friday evenings. Please contact us via phone at 724 717-8614 or email at to express your interests around which the sessions will be designed. Lacy is also certified to teach Japanese in which she taught pediatrics to Chinese medical and nursing students.


Wu Tse Chi

An initial cultural event occurred this past weekend when some young people enjoyed engaging in the ancient Chinese game of Wu Tse Chi (Five stone game). Learning the rules of the game is so simple, simply align five stones sequentially in any direction to win. Then begins the lifetime of mastery required to face an opponent as Lacy’s mother Yuzhen. The young people were thrilled to learn a new game as were mom and dad. Only at Mountain Palace can you find such interesting cultural experiences.

Hui Chun Yi Liao Jian Kang Bao Jian Chao

 “To return to young and healthy”

Yuzhen and Lacy are planning to offer instruction in this ancient Chinese exercise routine. Yuzhen will demonstrate and Lacy will provide discussion of the benefits and impact on various areas of the body and proper application of the activities. It consists of pressing one’s own pressure points and stimulating areas of the body to prevent and treat many diseases and conditions. Mountain Palace is the only facility in the area, perhaps in the United States,  where you can find exposure to this opportunity.